[CLOSED] Map Builder/Designer Position for Goliath!


The Team
@blueeattud - Project Lead
@blackeye61 - Lead Scripter
@tallroblox1 - Lead Modeler
@edisondoggyfun - Map Designer/Builder (1/2)
@Vacant - Map Designer/Builder (2/2)

A few game spoilers

Vehicle Models

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What is our studio about?

Goliath Entertainment is an established game studio that is in heavy development for our upcoming game “Goliath.” Goliath’s game style is inspired by the game Grand-Theft-Auto online.

What is our goal for Goliath?

Goliath will be an open-world adventure and action-packed game. Once you play the game you will be some similarities to Grand Theft Auto online which the game is mainly inspired by. The game will include multiple scenarios that only the player can decide how it plays out. Since Goliath will consist of an open world map while having an open roam vibe, players may choose their fate in the city. Players can build their reputation by robbing players, making heist plans, owning expensive exotic cars, and expanding on their criminal underworld. Players who are fed up with the criminal underworld may choose to be apart to become vigilantes of the city, rivaling each other. Only true strong-minded individuals will remain victorious and climb the food chain and show you’re not a force to be reckoned with. Explore the map and level up to get more access to exclusive items! The higher level you obtain, the more cars, weapons, and accessories you will unlock.

Fate is always shifting, how will yours turn out?

What are we looking for?

Map Designer/Builder

Goliath is looking for one individual that believes in the success of this game. This individual developer will be working alongside the other builder to produce us a game map. You will also be responsible for producing buildings in higher quality and completing basic necessities we require.


  • At Goliath, we don’t tolerate disrespect towards any of our fans or developers, if you’re known to have a toxic history, we will not hire you.
  • Excellent team communication skills.
  • Good time management, just like applying to any real-world job you must acknowledge your due dates and make a schedule to work efficiently.
  • Taking this position requires you to be professional, please think before you act.
  • We always love a person who can also contribute new ideas along with the task!
  • Lastly, we treat everyone here like family. We love to involve ourselves with the community!


The only payment method we’ll be using is:

  • Percentage

Contact Information

Please make sure you meet the following requirements if you’re looking to apply for the job

  • Minimum age of 15.
  • At-least 3 active months of modeling | 6 active months of Roblox studio

Discord: blueeattud#4404

Feel free to message me any questions/comments/concerns about Goliath
If you’re applying for the position, please message me with your portfolio (building/modeling examples).
Thanks for reading, I expect to see great and talented individuals that would love to be apart of this next potential front page game.


Hello everyone, thanks to those who applied! We are now closing this post, feel free to join our discord below to stay updated on our progress!

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