{CLOSED, May Reopen if things dont work out} Realistic Builder Needed! $50 Giftcard OR Robux

About Me

Hi there! I am creating a Military Role play game for my group. Progress has gone well will scripting but not so well with building. He didn’t have the right style so we had fired him and thanked him for his service.


If you are going to comment about payment please suggest a price change not just a rant about it being unfair. Also the “realistic” quality I expect isnt much. I suggest checking Fort Alberta for an example. It should be like that but a little less detail.
Revenue Breakdown
@EternalCanadianDev - Builder + Project Manager 5%
@fredrick254 - Scripter + UI 20%
@couldbeyou - Builder %30
@coneylove133 - Investor/Creative Director 10%
@GanzoDev - Team Manager 5%
Advertising - 10%
Spare funds - 20%
@GGenderYT - No Commision

About The Job

We are looking for a realistic builder to join the team and create our buildings and finish off the map. The UI, Scripts and Weapons are done. Vehicles and builds are not. Overall game is 50% done, building will make 40% and Vehicles 10%.

Builder Responsibility's
  • Build in a WW2 style and make it semi realistic
  • Make lighting to bring out the old fashioned feel
  • Build assets on time
  • Have an imagination! You are going to have free control over the building and map layout. You decide what looks best

Our game needs to be finished by February 25th. We expect you to work at least 4 hours every week.(Preferably weekend’s)


We are paying a $50 VISA/Roblox/MasterCard gift card OR 5k robux upon completion.
All payments negotiable. All payments subject to increase or decrease. We are also offering 30% game profits for 3 months.

No pay pal but may be an option down the road.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at
EternalCanadianDev#1541 . If you contact on discord expect a later reply as I am clogged with DMs and pings at the moment.

Please submit a portfolio, previous work or anything you have done if you wish to apply!

Thanks for reading! :smile:



Also, is it Canadian Dollars or US dollars?

Fyi, I might drop a major scripting changes before I leave for school since I have been working so hard to improve my scripting.

(just replied here cuz you don’t respond to me cuz of school?)

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So you’re currently paying out 110% of your profits? Maybe re-check over your percentages, as well as that, if you have enough positions you shouldn’t need 20% of your funds spare, they should go towards salaries or advertising.

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I am interested in your project

Lol sorry, math error. Thanks for noticing that!

Our spare funds go towards future update development.

I can do these. Just dm me on Discord at The Chonk King #7119.

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Imo, I don’t think the Project manager should be getting 5% it’s so low and it’s the same as the team manager.

You could be a little selfish for your own sake. :3

I dont want to be greedy as it puts out a bad reputation. This started as a passion project not entirely driven by money.

Depending on the quality you are looking for, “Realistic Builders” might not be in your best interest. The problem with more realistic models is that it requires more attention to finer details. In the end, this means more parts and more meshes which comes at a cost of the rest of your game. You would need to watch out for how many players you can have in your game and necessary specs to run your game. I suggest to keep this in mind when it comes to the quality of your “realistic builds”.


Thanks for this!

I almost commented the same thing

Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated!

If another builder is needed, I am interested. I have lots of experience and I am also a Developer for DellKiller123’s Armed Forces. My discord is rydexar#0698

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