[CLOSED] Modeler needed!

About Us

I am 12904, a recruiter for Barbie Kingdom. Barbie Kingdom is a successful clothing venture that has one of the most top selling pants. Barbie Kingdom is one of the fastest growing clothing groups on Roblox, gaining over 5,000 members in less than 4 months.

The Team
@BarbieBankz - CEO/Founder of Barbie Kingdom
@12904 - Lead Developer
@username - Modeler

You can see the group : https://www.roblox.com/groups/4570986/Barbie-Kingdom

About The Job

We are looking for a modeler to join our team with the following requirements.

-How to use applications like blender (mesh) .
-Good knowledge of how to make an enhancing and competitive user experience .
-Must give daily updates on progress.
-Must have previous, legitimate experience. Preferably already known developer.

What I want:

• A competitive and enhancing user experience castle design. The market is young girls from 5-12.
• The castle must be glittery, colorful, big, and bold.
• A low-poly design would be nice as that will ensure all types of players can join.
• A pretty landscape and castle interior so that my scripters have something to work with.


We are paying 15% of all Game Revenue as well as 50k(Negotiable depending on experience/skill) robux via Group Funds

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at 12904#1757.
(Please tell me if you add me, include your username please)
Then I will add you to talk to the lead project manager.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Are you under some kind of time constraint where the person you’re hiring should be all-in? I doubt you’ll find many developers here with that much of an open schedule. Daily also sounds somewhat intrusive for a contracted project, a longer buffer should be given. People should have more time to work instead of answering a potential buffet of questions.

Does not include a style you’re looking for. Are you giving developers creative freedom here, or do you have an outline? The points you provided are relatively vague in explaining what you seek.

For the sake of knowledge, what is the division of the rest of the 85% of pay? Reading over your thread a bit seems like you’re looking for more than a modeler, considering you’re also asking for a landscape. That’s essentially constructing the entire structure and it’s exterior for 15% and 50k negotiable completion bonus.

I actually did include the style.

The daily updates is just something that Ive learned from experience. Out of the devs I’ve hired, those who did not give daily updates, never lasted longer then 3 days. They’d either stop responding or they’d just block me.

And the 15% is only the relevant part, the large majority of the shares are going to the Investor/Owner BarbieBankz. Other portions goes to the scripter and builder. I will be receiving 5% of it.

And lastly, I do agree, this is going to be a lot of work for a modeler, but the pay is completly negotiable (Not with me, with BarbieBankz).

The 15% isn’t the only relevant part. It’s important to know the division of funds because 15% sounds slightly dodgy when asking for a decently sized map in whole.

Are you able to shed any reasoning as to why the owner is consuming a major part of the pay? Are they doing anything for the group actively? Doesn’t seem appropriate for a non-developer to absorb funds without putting aside a decent budget for development. That is though, taking into account that clothing is also being sold.

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The owner is taking most of the funds because she is doubling as a investor, she is supplying all of the money. Overall, she will be doing a fair amount of the building.

The 15% is a extra payment on top of the 50k as well, as the post said, it is negotiable to a limit, but we will have no problem working with someone on the payment.

Shouldn’t this be the job for the lead? aka CEO/Founder of Barbie Kingdom, or the lead developer? This is a very big task you’re setting for people, and for not that big of a cut.

Do you plan on us doing this all in blender? Bigger objects are usually better done by building, not modelling.

Are we going to be the only ones working on this? And also, who are the scripters? Nobody is listed.

Aren’t you the lead project manager?

Aren’t you the lead developer though? You should probably be making a bit more than this in my opinion. How much work will Barbie be doing on this project? Taking 80% is a bit much if you aren’t doing anything for the project.

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Recently, this group’s owner contacted me in regards to some comments I made on this thread. I don’t quite mean to single the person out, but I do not appreciate the aggressive tone that was launched toward me. This is somewhat relevant to the post.

I was blocked shortly after this was sent.

Now, I may get what you’re thinking. You’ll probably want to flag me for trying to start something here, but before you do that, see what I have to say first. I’m not going after the person, rather the points that were sent to me and an additional remark about the thread itself.

You should always be wary of the circumstances and the people you work with before getting into an opportunity.

A recruitment thread on the DevForum should be about enticing developers to work with you on the projects you commission. Some people here use Roblox as an actual job or a secondary source of income. That is why I initially inquired about the payment, which is supposedly being redirected to investors and other unnamed positions. This thread is hiring a builder but at the same time, it seems that a builder is already on board. So if the builder commissioned is to build the castle exterior and interior and the landscape, what are the other builders doing?

Owners should hold integrity towards the developers they hire and should have a sense of dignity. The fact that I was aggressively called out for inquiring about the thread for other potential developers (or even myself) is sincerely off putting.

Investors should only be getting as much as they invested in returns plus some. I don’t see why the owner would need to take a cut of the funds if it’s stored in the group, unless they are actively participating in the upkeep of the group. They’re supposedly contributing to building as well but to what extent? As well, the question of where the other portion of funds are being directed to still has not been clearly answered.

Some transparency about the monetisation, funding direction and development organisation would be greatly appreciated for both myself and those who are interested in the project.

cc @12904


Alright… so first I would like to say, I apologize, I had nothing to do with that message but it is still my responsibility.

Either way, @EggYolked and @NANOPIXELLOVER has both applied. We are going over their models and will pick a final developer in a few minutes. I ask that you forgive BarbieBankz as she is new to the Dev Forum. I hope this clears up any confusion over all.

Right now I am going to close the post as we already found the people we need. If you would like to discuss this further, send me a message please.

Being new isn’t an excuse to be inflammatory. The DevForum is simply a forum and a hub for members of the developer community to talk through the various categories offered.

A lot of my questions have still gone unanswered which is greatly unfortunate, but I guess it doesn’t matter since you’ve supposedly already found interested applicants.

I’ll contact you further if there’s anything additional I want to say. Good luck with your project.

I appreciate that and I understand. If you would like, send me a message with your questions and I’d love to answer them.

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