[CLOSED] Modeller for Hotel

About Us
Hi everyone! We are Aykros Hotels and we are searching for a modeller low poly.

About The Job
We are searching for some things.

  • Chairs (For rooms & Cafe)
  • Tables (For rooms & Cafe)
  • Sofa (For 2 people & 1 people) with pillows
  • Tv (Without Holders)
  • Bed (For 2 people)
  • Toilet
  • Toiler Paper
  • Desk (With a lamp)
  • Carpet
  • Plants as decorations for rooms (2 types)
  • Shower (Bath)
  • Jacuzzi

Example of assets:

NOTE: You have 1-2 months for finish it.

We are paying 1.000 4.000 Robux for those assets.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord, Intercept1on#2976

Thanks for reading!


I’m interested, my discord is arielicas#2020.

Pretty cool I’d like to apply, Here’s my Discord SharkTankLovesGaming#7316.

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