[CLOSED] Modly Studios is looking for a SCRIPTER! [36%]

About Us

We are a development studio founded in Croatia by ModeDeveloper. We have developed some of the games like Duckie Simulator, Fire Breathing Simulator, Bacon Simulator and we are on track to hit 20M total game visits.

Information About the Job

We are working on a new project that is so far the best looking in our portfolio. Everything is done building wise and the user interface is done. We only need to add some leaderboard, chest UI. That will be added at the end stages of the game development as well with some particle effects.

Scripter would have to script the whole game. In the game, there are shops, pet systems, teleporters, king of the hill, sales, etc.



Scripter will get 36% of the revenue of the game. We can discuss the one-time payment option but will hardly accept it as we need someone who will actively work on the project with updates.


If you wish to apply for this job you can contact me on discord: ModeDeveloper#6414

Thank you for reading. :grinning:


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