(closed) murder madness is hiring ui designers

(TOPIC CLOSED) Felt like this was a unfair amount to pay so I’ll pay around 50k-100k


Wrong topic. This should be in Recruitment.


Please change it to #collaboration:recruitment

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Sorry! I hope this didn’t annoy you.

Sorry! I’ve changed it :slight_smile:

Am I getting this right? You want a person to work full time for money that doesn’t even exist yet? I don’t know if you made a mistake there, but if you want someone to work full time, then you’re asking for up to 40 hours of work each week (you didn’t even specify any kind of working hours or conditions).

The information that has been giving is completely irrelevant for the UI designer. If you do not want to share game footage, then show us UI examples, the style you are going for or anything else that can give the UI designer a bare view on what he is going to do (it’s basically like I’ll tell you that I am making a prison game and you have to make UIs for it).

To summarize - you want to hire an UI designer that has, as of now, no idea what he will be doing fulltime (which means around 8 hours a day) with a payment that doesn’t even exist, or perhaps will never really exist? I am sorry, but seems a bit over the top. I highly recommend to overwork this post and change all of the conditions and add additional information.


I forgot to provide the robux payment. And as I said “game information will be provided in dms”

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