[CLOSED!] Need a builder/modeler to finish a city

About the job

The map is based in Ottawa, Canada during the 1940s. You will need to keep it historically accurate.

This is how the current city we have looks, I need someone with a similar style to come onto the team and get this done as quickly as possible (no rush) You will work on a TC server with the rest of us.

The previous builder had to leave the team sadly due to IRL complications with university.

Around 15-20% of the city is already completed. (not all pictures have been shown)

We are unable to disclose any further details publically however if you apply and are one of the finalists we choose you will be given the opportunity to view what needs to be done to be 100% certain you can complete the job.


As for payment, we can fork out around R$50,000
This is mainly a community project where our funds aren’t the greatest so I apologize for that.
We can not offer a % as all profits go back into the group and into ads. After the city is complete you will not have to stay on. (If you stay on we can give flat fees for work you complete)

Unable to do PayPal ($) at this current time

Payment will be group funds from: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3876907/Canada-1940s#!/about

Hello! I am interested! My Discord is Dukeston_J#8238

hit me up on discord Dav.id

Hey, I am interested. Please add me on Discord

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