[CLOSED] Need a UI designer

I need a bit of help with a game I’m making. I am absolutely terrible at making GUIS and GUI layouts and all that. I can somewhat script them but I just need someone to place them out and place them where they need to go. I have images for the guis ready I think.

This is the game I’m making.

As you can see it is a difficulty chart obby with a cartoon theme.

Payment I’m poor at the moment so I’ll pay 100 robux for the GUI placement stuff.

Must be 13+ to apply.
Add me on discord for more information bam#4745

First @Mrb4m, this topic is in the wrong category, #collaboration:recruitment fits better

Great I just started posting so I don’t know which topics are good or not lol

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Don’t worry my guy, it’s totally alright

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