[CLOSED] Need Advanced Level Dev to complete high end game

About The Game
CURSED! Is a “horror adventure” game that combines the best traits of a number of game types. The first chapter of this game is based in a large, spooky mansion on a forested hill where players must solve puzzles (not just find a key) to escape while dealing with multiple NPCs and a boss battle. Future chapters will be set in very different locations, with different puzzles, themes, and NPCs.

The game is already well-defined in an extensive design document which I will share with appropriate candidates. Trust me, you’ve likely never seen a design doc like it. This game is going to be a front page game. The game is also about 30-50% complete overall.

About The Job
I’ve had a dev working with me for a couple of months, but he’s going to be unavailable beginning in July. So I need someone to take over from where we are. We’ve got a lot of things scripted but still lots to finish and a lot of finishing touches.

You will need to have advanced dev knowledge and experience. We are implementing Knit, Rojo, and some other integrations. You will need to be familiar with all the things needed to run a game that would get over a million visits a month.

I’m looking to collaborate fully with the developer(s) to create the most effective result. I expect continuous communication with questions, prototypes, and your ideas for improvement. I don’t expect you to take a design doc, disappear for two months, and come back with a finished set of scripts of exactly what I asked for.

You can either take this job on as a long set of steady work, or you can treat it as individual commissions where you take on the items you feel most comfortable with and I find someone else for the rest. It’s up to you, but I would prefer a long-term arrangement.

About You
You’ve probably been doing Roblox scripting for at least 2-3 years and have been involved with at least one game in the top 100 (doesn’t have to be front page) as a key dev on the game.

Skills desired / previous experience preferred:
• Multi-part puzzles: locking doors, object manipulation by players, crafting tools/weapons
• Boss fights, attack bots, animation sequencing
• UI scripting, store management
• Game Analytics (PlayFab)
• Game security, anti-hacking/exploit
• Cross-platform support (mobile, XBOX)
• Designing for perfomance and scalability
• Knit, Rojo, Roact, Profile Service, Selene, and other related tools/libraries (esp. Github)

I have been scammed a couple of time by builders, so I am extra cautious now…so be prepared to provide examples of your original work with proof of what you did. References will be verified. And don’t tell me you’ve been doing this for 5 years with a profile that’s one year old. A showcase is highly recommended… bonus for links to Github content.

NOTE: You must live in the USA. I need to have someone within a couple of time zones of me (I’m in Seattle area) to avoid 24-hour turnaround on every issue.

About Me
I am a former Development Manager and Program/Product Manager for Microsoft and Amazon. I have MANY years’ experience in delivering software projects with teams of 5 to 40 people. I’ve done research in usability, user interaction, game theory, and product design. I also play Roblox and other games on a daily basis with my son and his friends (yes, I’m an adult/old dude). I think the ability to deliver is just as important as a good idea, and a good idea must have the right level of expertise to implement it.

This is a real job/commission, and I have appropriate financial resources to see it through. This is not a “I don’t have money so I’ll pay a percentage” deal. You will be paid an amount up front and payments on delivery of milestones/assets.

The pay is negotiable based on experience, level of commitment, and so on. However, for all the dev work required to get the game to a launchable Alpha stage, you can expect up to $10,000 USD (or the Robux equivalent from group funds, but PayPal preferred), depending on what work you agree to do and complete). There may be more pay for someone who can do more types of work (e.g. build, gfx, etc) or be available longer term.

Are you interested? If so, DM me and let’s talk.

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