[CLOSED] Need Developer for Clothing Homestore

Hello, I am Nicholas_Hunter, Owner and Director of Hunter Tactical & Formal Apparel. We are a very new tactical & formal clothing store.

We are looking for a developer to make a small homestore without interior, and it doesn’t need to be the best quality. We only need something small and subtle.

We are paying 1,500 ROBUX, although future payments can be made if necessary.

Feel free to contact me on Discord, at nikolo_h#0001. You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you.

I’ve never seen a homestore without interior, any reference picture?

Maybe he means to not furnish it? I’m unsure.

I just need a building built without any interior, since I can do the interior but cannot do the building.

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How much are you going to pay? because I am a Spanish builder and translator

1,500 ROBUX at the moment, but future payments are negotiable.

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Just to confirm, you want the homestore to technically have an indoor area, but you want it empty so that you can fill it in with your own interior design?

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