[Closed] Need Gun Scripter/Animator for Zombie Game

About Me

Hello, you may know me from some of my games. This summer I am remaking one of my classics, Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds. I want to bring it to 2020 standards. As a result,I need help bringing some of my guns to life better than I ever could.

About The Job

Basically, I have a handful of guns. They go anywhere from your standard pistol to unique custom guns that would need special treatment. If you want to help with standard shotguns, snipers, etc, great. If you want to work on these unique weapons too, perfect. Here are pictures of the unique guns:

Condiment Gun





I am planning on these guns, along the normal guns, to work with R15 and have your standard animations such as reload, crouch, shoot, etc. I’m not totally sure on if I want it to be a 3rd person focused shooter or 1st person yet, I would like to discuss that with scripters.

Contact Us

Please contact me in DM on the forums or comment. Make sure to leave your portfolio or some of your previous work! Otherwise, I have nothing to go off of.

Thanks! I am excited to see where ZAAM can go. :slight_smile:


Do you need the person to be both an animator and scripter?

I would prefer just condensing the position, so yes.

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totally interested, do you have a discord I can add?

I’d rather start with people posting their portfolios so I do not get too many requests on Discord.

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