[CLOSED] Nini's Cafe (3,000 members) - Hiring a Scripter and UI Designer

Nini’s Cafe Scripter & UI Design Position Opportunity

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About Us

Greetings! We are Nini’s Cafe, an upcoming Cafe wanting to revolutionize the cafe industry with new technologies and improve already existing ones. Nini’s Cafe has been around since early 2020. We’re just about to embark on a monumental next part of our journey, our v4 cafe and restaurant.

The Team
@945ft - Map Builder
@945ft - Modeler
@JTmaveryk - Scripter
@Fluxiity - Scripter
@6ixbrokenhearts - Scripter
@lmpoIite - Graphic Design
@945ft - Graphic Design
@VACANT - Scripter & UI Design

About The Position

As we recently noticed our current scripters are unable to preform some of the tasks we want done, we ask that you assist and create some core scripts and UIs fit for any cafe.

Details About the Scripting Portion

For the scripting portion, we need you to configure Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 with custom commands such as exploitlogs, copy and paste logs, and other custom commands that can be done. Further details will be discussed once you actually join our team.

Here is an example of what were looking for when it comes to scripting:
Frappé V5 - Roblox

Details About the UI Portion

For the UI portion, we need you to create a complicated yet simple to use system for ordering, and picking up food, as our next version will be sit down, we will have waiters and chefs making the pastires. When it comes to UI design we want round UIs that are simple but are mad well. If possible, a pet system would also be really nice. I cannot discuss everything as it is confidential but I will put and example of what we are looking for.

Here is an example of what were looking for when it comes to UI design:
U-Decide Cafe - Roblox

If wanted, you will then remain a full member of the Development Team working on regular updates for the community.

Payment and Perks

After creating the tasks and what was asked for, you of course will be payed anywhere from 3-4k with devexable payment and of course more if we seriously love everything, while we are on a tight budget, we do think this could seriously take off if everything is made well. If this project does take off, you of course will be payed weekly for your scripting and UI design even if you do not put out any updates.

Generally, what you should expect by working with Nini’s:

  • A fun, chilled working environment where you’ll work on a team with other experienced developers
  • Work in an awesome supportive environment with an active community!
  • Flexible working arrangements - we acknowledge you may have other commitments on and that you’re only human! We always work to avoid stressful working environments for our Developers as your welfare is a priority for us. We do not have a time limit whatsoever on when this project is completed but we ask you create it and work on it as much as you can.

How do I apply?!

All you have to do is either contact me on the Dev Fourum with a message, or dm me on Discord, jacob#0009, if you’re interested in sending in an application or have any questions pertaining to the position/payment etc.

Please note that you must be over 13 to apply, have a good reputation on Roblox and have a portfolio of work readily available. I wish you all the best of luck and wish you a happy Sunday evening.

If you are interested in an animator, feel free to dm me!

The position has been filled, thank you to everyone who had interest.

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