[closed no longer looking for a scripter]

This job is closed, no longer looking for a scripter.


Hi, I’m interested in the job in the list that you have of About work:

  • An inventory to equip pets.
  • Egg hatching system to obtain pets.
  • The egg hatching system must have animations.
  • Sound for egg hatching and when pet is obtained.
  • The luck chance for the egg hatching system.
  • Perks for pets such as additional walkspeed and leaderstat increasing multipliers.
  • Merge / Golden Pets system. (10 pets for 1 larger and golden pet)
  • Locking pets
  • Sorting: Equip Best pets, top multipliers, rarity etc
  • Opening 3 pets is a gamepass.
  • Auto Open is free
  • Egg that can cost robux.
  • Developer Product to have more pet storage.
  • Max pets equipped should be 5.
  • Max pet slots 25.
  • Pet launcher
  • Pet inventory editor
  • Shiny system, pets turn a specific color when you hatch a shiny version of a pet. There is a minor chance to get it when hatching.

I know how to do several things that you have on that list if you are interested, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Alright, sent a friend request!

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Job position is still open!


friend I think nobody has answered you because you are paying very little that is worth more than 200k robux


but I’m here, I can get ahead and I can do some things to you
in your game so that those you hire you finish doing the things that are farting

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Hey I’m interested i sent you a friend request: Polaris#8465

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