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About Me

Hi there! I am a modeler and try to script and now I am trying to make my own game.


I need someone to build me or model me 20 buildings and they have to be good they have to be medium poly or high poly and they should be open like so people could go in and some of them should have two floors I need them to hide stuff that’s why.


I will pay in robux I could pay 50-100 robux per building


You can contact me on discord syed1235t#4365

Thank you

this is too cheap for a two story building with interiors , unless you are making the interiors and we just have to make the building


For 20 high poly / medium poly buildings, this is too low of a price that anyone would would take.


sir its closed i am not making it anymore plz stop replying if u dont stop i am going to igonre

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