[CLOSED] Northpoint Studios is looking for Freelance Contractors

Northpoint Studios is hiring!

About Us

Greetings! We are Northpoint Studios - aspiring developers and service providers. We were founded on the 13/08/2020 by none other than me twerpSami. The vision was clear - we wanted to serve the with top-quality service and assets.

Senior Management

@twerpSami - Chairman
@SN1pp3rK1llKru - President
@CaltBlahaj - Vice President

About the Opening

We are looking for professional builders, scripters and programmers and scripters to fill freelance contractor positions in the studio.

  • Programmers must have experience with discord.js


Pay depends on contracts you take on - more information can be given during discussions.

Contact Us

Here on the DevForum
Add me on Discord - Sami#1893
Twitter - DevSamii

What level of builder are you looking for exactly? If its not too advanced I can do it for low charge.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but please add mode details so I know what to build.

Could you please add some more details regarding the workload? That would be highly appreciated, as this looks interesting.

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