[CLOSED] Octa studios is looking for a realistic prop/detail artist (20K/week)

About Us

Hi, we’re Octa Studios the development group responsible for Area 02.
We are looking for a detail-oriented modeler and texture artist who can take basic looking rooms and add the finishing touches such as texturing and props

Examples of the "base rooms"


The job requirements are:
-Skill and experience with 3d modeling in Blender or any comparable software.
-Skill and experience with texturing models.
-A good work ethic.
-Ability to communicate with your co-workers and superiors.
-experience building in Roblox studio.

Some other things that are nice to have are:
-Ability to work with PBR.
-Ability to create custom textures.
-Ability to sculpt in blender or any comparable 3d software.


We are offering 20,000R$ per week as a starting salary with possible bonuses.
Please keep in mind this is a long-term position.

Contact Us

You can contact me through discord at LordBasw#4819 or by messaging me on the devforums.


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