[CLOSED] % Offer - Looking for 3D Modeler / Builder PARTNER

About Me

I am a very experienced scripter and have been developing on roblox for 8 years.
I have had 2 previous front page games, and a lot of other side projects for fun over the years.
I am looking for a professional 3d modeler / builder who is interested in working on a game that is being scripted by me with about 70% of the core game being completed.
Game details and progress can be seen upon contact.

The Team
@snatchrrrr - Programmer
@couldbeyou - Builder / Modeling

About The Job

You will need to model the game, its not too big of a workload but to be ambiguous its mainly just one main building, a map, and maybe 10-15 basic tools everything else including UI and sponsoring will be covered by me.


I am offering 40% of the game. It would be under my development group Chunk Studios - Roblox

What if the game flops?
I don’t have any backup payment for you. I can guarantee I will be spending around 100k on ads.

Contact Us

Please contact me on discord or through message on the dev forum. Please have a portfolio / past work ready.

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