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Good Afternoon,


About me

I am “TheArcticTurtle” a new project manager and game designer looking to get some experience to build a portfolio. I own a very small development group named Arctic Turtle Studios. I’ve always found that I was much better at creating games in my head rather than building it myself. I would design large Trello boards with a game concept that would work perfectly, yet I never had all the skills required to build the game.

Currently hiring a small crew
I’ve recently struck an extremely strong idea which is not only incredibly easy to make but is guaranteed to function and profit. I have a full Trello board and pitch for the game which I would prefer not to release publicly.

Jobs Available

  1. Core Programmer[Position taken]
  2. 3D Modeler [Position taken]
  3. GUI Developer[Position taken]
  4. Map Developer[Position taken]
  5. Vehicle Scripter[Position taken]

(One person can hold multiple positions.)

I currently only looking for long term commissions, and the payment method will be a cut of the profit from the game. 20% will be for me and the other 80% will be split
among the developers on the project.

Discord: ArcticTurtle#9520

I would prefer my applicants to be 13+, but I will always make exceptions for outstanding applicants.

The full Trello board and pitch will be revealed to accepted applicants.

So what will you be doing on the team for the game? You mentioned that you never had the skills to build the game, but as a potential candidate it is always a very large red flag for me when the “leader” of the project does not work on the project directly, because that often leads to a lack of understanding of how building games work.

Well, yeah, @Pavalineox have reason and a good argument, anyway, if you need any help on the Programming side you can always contact me!

Contact Via

Discord: @allgood.#7032
Roblox: AllGoodNamesRGone243

And obviously on the DevForum!

Have a nice day. - allgood.

I did not mean that comment in a way of “I have no idea how to develop”. I can see how you can misunderstand what I meant. It was meant to note the fact that I am unable to build a game by myself, as I would lack every single skill required.

Contact me if you have further questions. :grinning:

We have everyone we need, thank you for all your applications. :grinning:

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