[CLOSED] Oskar's Developing Portfolio! Programmer and GFX artist

(Formerly known as Winky)

My name is Oskar. I have been developing on roblox for over 3 years, and I specialize in programming - and gfx on the side. My biggest project was The Iron Cafe, with 2m+ visits and 120k+ group members. I worked there as a programmer, although I am no longer in the group.

Just ask if there is something that you need not listed here because the likelihood is that I will be able to do it.

  • Datastore
  • HTTP
  • UI design/animations
  • Gamepasses
  • Group ranking
  • Music systems
  • Leaderstats
  • Much much more!

  • Environment GFX

Past Commissions


SwordMasters (my best example)


SwordMasters is my latest work, and my best example.

Daily store that carries over all servers:

Store that automatically loads gamepass icon and description:


Code screenshots:

+much much more



-Placement system
-Group ranking
-Points system
-Music system
-UI animations

Winky's Scripting Commissions My outdated portfolio.
Open Source: Winky's Custom Chat Custom chat I made.


Prices are negotiable.
I do not have a set rate, but I have some conditions…

  • If you are paying with USD, PayPal is required.
  • If you are offering a percentage, you must have significant financial backing.
  • If you are paying per asset, I will decide the worth of each asset.

DevForum: @oskxzr (duh :wink:)
Discord (preferred): ABjmJFt
Roblox (messages are open): oskxzr
Twitter (last resort): https://twitter.com/oskxzr

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

If you’re going to reply with feedback, please just message it to me. Thanks.


I definitely recommend winky! He is my great friend and he specialize in GFX and Scripting! He gets the job done really quick so I would say if you are looking for a gfx designer or a scripter, definitely go for him > <.


im interested ill contact you on discord soon

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Hes really good were good friends since the begging (about 2 years ago). He has gotten really good. Do recommend. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen your work before at Iron, and I was impressed! :heart:

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If your looking for good quality work for a not overpriced developer, this is your guy.

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Fully recommend Oskar. Super quick at getting the job done for a great price. :upside_down_face:


Minor update to Past Commissions! ^^

Minor update to portfolio, expect a big one soon. :smiley: