[CLOSED!] Otaru Sushi and Hibachi!

Hello! I am sadprose, co-owner, and CEO of Otaru Sushi and Hibachi, an innovative rotating sushi bar restaurant experience like no other! We are currently in the developmental stages of our game and are looking for hardworking individuals who want to help us take this project to the next level!

We are currently hiring (2) positions.

  1. Builder(s): CLOSED
  2. Scripter(s): @yxungwrld

Our current team:

  1. Chief Executive Officer: @sadprose
  2. Chief Operations Officer: @v_Chaps

Both builder and scripter positions are paid positions and we are willing to discuss payment plans based on your rates and the overall amount of work. (To hear more about payment options and our salary, please contact us via Discord).

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned positions or have any questions, please contact us via my Discord!

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