CLOSED OUTDATED Low Poly Builder for Hire!


Hello! My name is Dangerosity and I am currently offering my services as a Low Poly modeller and builder! I currently have around 9 months in the low poly modelling and building field and I am looking to be employed. My dream is to be able to use these development skills to hopefully one day become a successful front page developer.



I am available about 4-5 hours a day, weekends included. I will accept 5 commissions and I will be doing them one at a time so it’s first come first serve.


Terms: I accept payment per asset and I also will do short term jobs. If you would like me to work for you long term, I expect percentage payment plus an amount of upfront payment. We can further discuss long term jobs via Discord DMs. If you do not like what assets I have produced, I expect payment for my time.

Work Rejection: I request 10% of the payment before I start working. This is to ensure that if you do not like what I have given, I will have been paid for my time. If not 10%, then at least some upfront payment

Work Acceptance: If you do like the work that I have produced, I will send screenshots of the asset via Discord messages. Then you will pay me the remaining 90% of the payment and then I will send the asset to you via OBJ file or with Team create. I accept payment through gamepasses and group funds. If you send payment through gamepass, you will pay for the 30% tax intake Roblox has and you will pay via my “Dev Hub” Game.


My discord is Dangerosity#0612


Thank you for getting to the end of this! I hope to be working with some of you soon!

I’m out. Peace.


I’ve been following Dangerosity on twitter for a bit and they are clearly a very talented and dedicated 3d modeller and builder. I’m looking forward to see what amazing things they make.


Dangerosity just completed a commission for me - he modeled seven buildings for me and built a map for one of my projects. I hired him on a time crunch, and he managed to get everything done within the limited timeframe yet still managed to exceed my expectations. His models were high quality and he had no problem making any changes requested to perfect them. Definitely would recommend him!


Amazing, friendly and not so pricey, recommend. Been following on twitter for a while and was interested to commission, was delivered by time and with no regrets, good service and again, very recommend.


Very Friendly and Creative with his orders! Highly recommend!

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