[CLOSED] [PAYING 1k R$ - SCRIPTER] Scripter Needed, Small Issue

Hey all,

I’m looking for a scripter to fix a simple issue. I have a game that has two types of crates. Regular crates, as well as rare crates. Our rare crates seem to work, however we are stuck with trying to fix the regular crates. Whenever I go up to a crate and click on it, it displays a GUI with several items that it could possibly spin and land on. Once I click the “Spin” button, it will prompt the player to spend 50 R$. After they purchase it, it’s supposed to spin but however it does not spin, which is why I need a scripter to help fix it.

This is our game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2538995440/ROB-A-BANK-Ancient-RP-Welcome-to-Rome

Here is a link to a trello card with the information that has pictures and what-not here: https://trello.com/c/unxWI95i/3-fix-the-regular-crates

I can pay anywhere from 500-1,000 R$. Reason that it’s not an insane amount is because it’s a relatively small thing that needs a small fix.

If you are interested, dm me on discord: Ted#3573

IMO payment should be discussed once the scripter has determined the problem because then they can say if it’s just a small fix or not.


Elaborating a bit on this; you do not pay for the amount of code a fix takes. You pay for the years of experience and practice that gives a person the ability to read and understand previous code, and come up with a fix on top of it. No matter how simple something may seem, someone has to dive into it, get a feeling for what it does and then figure out how to fix it in an elegant fashion.

tl;dr: a ‘small’ fix takes time, experienced time is expensive


That’s literally what I said.

I was saying that you shouldn’t discuss the price until the scripter has figured out what the problem is as it could in fact not be a small fix but be a large one which isn’t worth doing for 500-1k R$.

Sorry if I wasn’t very clear!

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1000R$ comes out to about $3.50 in DevEx, so unless there’s literally one line of code to be fixed, that’s substantially less than minimum wage (in the US at least) and a scripter will probably want to spend their time elsewhere i.e. making their own game or working on another that pays more.

I highly suggest learning to script on your own, and this would be a great place for you to start since you’ve said yourself it’s a small issue, and that would not only fix your problem, but make yourself more marketable in the future. Also, there’s hardly any useful information in the Trello card, so I’d suggest testing any and all conditionals with what allows your crate code to run and work backwards from there.

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