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Grass cutting simulator??

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I’d certainly hope this is a simulator with charm and wit rather than just a shallow gameplay gimmick you can mess around with.

If you’re going for something where the player can experiment with gameplay mechanics, I’d recommend making a soda-drinking simulator. Even though it may sound extremely bland and stupid, that doesn’t mean it really is. When it comes to simulators, just remember to always feature mechanics that go beyond the players expectations while maintaining the “illusion” of what the game is supposed to be.

I also really want that soda-drinking simulator.


You should pitch up some idea and people here would be glad to help you.

Other than that; Simulator ideas are hard, you need to think it through a lot.

But for example: Car Mechanic Simulator.

Good luck with your project!

Good Idea! I think maybe a soda-drinking simulator would be good! Thanks for the idea.

I do think this is already a simulator right? It is Lawn Mowing Simulator. But thanks for the idea!

isnt it already simulator game?

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Hey I didn’t know that do you have any ideas?

i am have idea for simulator that you can cut trees and then sell them to get coins. after you get coins you can buy pets and areas every area give to the player better trees that he can cut same as pets.

You should do a rage breaking simulator (you can re-name it) where you break a lot of stuff and like you start breaking from a mouse then you work your way up, and the final breaking item will be whatever you want, but you should make it funny.

AFK Simulator, earn points by doing nothing, increase points given by how much time they afk


bruh (30 char 30 char 30 char 30 char)

Isn’t that already a game?


Hey @TalonPlayzRL, you can take this amazing idea and add a twist. Like being able to shoot fire balls and water to collect grass.

Make A Simulator Simulator

You get to name your simulator, write a description and you get to build it such as choosing assets that the simulator uses from a pre-chosen list.

Lots more room for expansive ideas and monetization if you do it correctly.

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I know im late but game developer simulater?