[CLOSED] POLYHEART - Looking for Long-Term Scripter to do Movement Systems and Game Optimization

Hello! I am MaximusMillionRBLX, founder and project director at POLYHEART. We are in the middle of planning the concepts and design for our first game, MONOLITH - a title being made based on classic 90’s shooters back in the day on the Roblox platform.

Some of the examples of the types of scripting we would need:

  • System optimization for better framerate and less lag during gameplay, including multiple graphical options & settings.
  • Advanced movement systems similar to the movement systems involved with games like DUSK and Quake - Rocket Jumping, Bunnyhopping, Strafing, etc.
  • Modified weapons systems made to work with the game, as well as be smooth in transition.
  • “Smart” enemy AI programming, giving them the ability to track the player, use proper player detection systems (they can’t hear “silent kills,” for example,) and to have custom rigs programmed for movement.
  • UI scripted similar to the systems of 90’s games, with health, armor, ammo, and other things to be considered.
    Along with so much more!

So, what does that mean for you? We are offering to negotiate payment on a work-per-hour basis, with the minimum amount of USD being $15 USD an hour. However, this can be negotiated if you would require more, as some of these systems are very advanced to code and will take time. We do not expect a demo release until near the end of 2021, so work would not be rushed and we would offer plenty of flexibility within your schedule.

We are also only looking for long-term scripters, as we would require them to be consistent with the studio and collaborate with the other team members, as well as to preform work for future games.

You can send your portfolio and contact me directly at MaximusMillionRBLX#6501. I also have an email that I am less active on, if you do not have Discord - MaxMillionTheFutureGamer@gmail.com. However, for the sake of cooperation and better involvement, it is recommended that you have a Discord.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!



If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me below.

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