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What is Princess Hotels? What do we do?

Princess Hotels was founded on 31 December 2019 by NOT_Kaydent. We aim to be the best community on ROBLOX! With our skilled SHR team; we can ensure our quality of staff members and 100% satisfied service. We are a friendly community with the best working environment; we provide qualified service at our facilities. We always look forward to working with anyone interested in our community. We also ensure that our society is safe for everyone and to be the community for all ages. We offer a place for you to roleplay with your friends in a hotel game, enjoying the experience of games with a friendly community is what we expect to give to all guests. We offer service and activities to enhance your experience, and so you can enjoy your gorgeous day with your friends.

About The Jobs

We are looking for a professional scripter to join our team… We’re preferably looking for people who has a lot of experience with scripting and will be willing to do what is asked. Some scripts we need are above head rank/name gui, rainbow trail gamepass, etc. More information on what you’ll be focusing on will be given out once you’re hired, you can find the requirements below this message.

  • Must be OVER 13
  • Must have GOOD communication skills
  • Must be able to work in a Team
  • Must be able to maintain GREAT activity
  • Must be in DevForum


We are paying around 5-8k Robux with group funds only once the job is completed, USD will not be paid. We may pay more if we believe your work is a true masterpiece.

Contact Information

If you’re interested, please leave a message below with your portfolio so I can take a look at it.!

If we believe you’re an excellent candidate, you’ll be redirected by myself to speak in Discord, and we’ll continue from there, thanks.


I’m interesed, DoryShelby0 #3174 Everything about me

Hi, I’m interested, here’s my portfolio: Iggy's Portfolio (Scripter / GUI Designer)

I have a team which has a scripter in it willing to do your job, ill contact you on discord now

Hello. I’m interested in this opportunity. You can view some of my past work in my portfolio. Feel free to contact me on Discord @ LegendOJ1#1382. :slightly_smiling_face:

I recommend either @aquawrsp or @SteamDemand they are both great scripters!

Hello, @NOT_Kayden, i am interested about joining your team as a programmer. However i would like to know more information about the job.
You can contact me via Discord : ItsChoco#0902
This is My Portfolio.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

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