[Closed] PrismaticFruits | Scripter & Builder

About Me

Welcome! I am an intermediate scripter and a good builder. I specialize in asset creation and game creation. I have been building for 3 years, and scripting for 2 years.


I am quite active, working for 10+ hours on the weekends in total. I am also available for 1-2 hours per week day.


Prices are negotiable, I accept most types of payment: percentages, up-front payment, end payment, etc.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord. My Discord username: PrismaticFruits#5041 .

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hey did I do something wrong you blocked me…

No I didn’t, it says you blocked me?

What’s ur user?? I’ll try friend you again

PrismaticFruits#5041 is my Discord user.

It says friend requests failed, u might of accidentally blocked me

I didn’t, it keeps saying this user has blocked you.

Ur not on my blocked lists…

Neither are you on my list, are you sure you didn’t block me?

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Add me on roblox Kxural??? Or

??? Eeeee I’m sure