Closed (Problem has been fixed)

Every ramp I see is just looks like a triangle, but is actually a square or rectangle. How do I make a ramp that’s actually something I can walk on?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Could you elaborate a little more? What you are saying doesn’t really make sense.

I’m using triangles for a ramp, but I can’t walk up onto it or jump onto it. When I select it, the shape is just a square or rectangle. I’m trying to make one that is actually a triangle, so I can walk on it

You mean you don’t want to use a wedge? I can’t really understand

If you are talking about the selection box of the wedge, that is just the rectangular shape of its overall size in space. It has nothing to do with collisions.

If you are using a normal wedge part, and not a mesh part, you should be able to walk on it just fine. If you are using a mesh part, you might need to change the collisions in its properties.