(CLOSED) Professional Terrain Developer PORTFOLIO

So here’s the deal;

I’ll keep this section nice and short, after all, you are here to find out if I am any good or not… right? Well, I am David Aka Goldencowboy, I am a 17-year-old student from Belgium :belgium: looking to earn money via Smooth terrain.

Past work and Showcase(s)

Since the inception of Smooth Terrain, I’ve frequently used the toolset and perfected my skills which in turn have led to the creation of numerous high-quality terrain maps. See below ↓↓

Dover Islands;

(includes playable game)



Play the game for yourself!
Dover Cliffs island - Roblox

Psst you can actually buy this map, interested? Send me a notice! :wink:

Commisioned Terrain map 1;


Main body of the map;

The volcano;

Icy tundra;

Intermediate area;



Commisioned Terrain map 2:


Personal Island:

(includes playable game)


Play the game for yourself!
A villa on an island - Roblox

Commisioned Terrain map 3:


Commisioned Terrain map 4:


Even though Smooth Terrain is 5 years old at this point, its niche is still very small, this means that the few smooth terrain specializers out there need to be masters of their craft in order to get hired for the serious jobs. Competition is tuff and quality standards are high.

As you have seen through the past work & photo’s, I have a lot of experience when it comes to creating smooth terrain. I have done several commissions for numerous of people.

Payment & Trivia;

I value great communication between both parties, it can only function for the better development of a terrain map.

As per payment, the cost of a terrain map has a wide spectrum;

commissioned terrain map 2 per example was sold off for 10.000 Robux whilst
commisioned terrain map 3 was sold of for 20.000 Robux.

The two biggest factors that determine payment are;

  • Size ( the bigger the size the more expensive it will be…)
  • Quality ( the better the quality the more expensive it will be…)

In practice it is hard to label a price on a map you would want me to create, that’s why I will always negotiate and try to find a consensus on the price.

I accept payment both with ROBUX and via Paypal using notable currencies; (includes but not limited to; USD/EUR/POUND/SWISS FRANC… etc)


Disc; Dav.id#1189 or either here on the forums.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear more about you! :slight_smile:


New map!