[CLOSED] Programmer needed for creating a challenge invite system

Hi, I’m looking for a programmer who would be willing to make a small PvP challenge for me, without the actual PvP. Just some camera and UI work for cutscenes.

How it would work

PvP challenging system includes a context wheel that becomes visible when clicking on players that are within a specific magnitude of the localplayer’s character. Such players would need to have their windows focused in order to allow this specific UI to pop up on the player’s screen. (You don’t need to program the Trading and “Crew” aspects of the contextwheel)
If the local player clicks on “challenge”, the selected player shall receive this UI:
If the challenged player clicks on “accept” a small cutscene will start.
along with that you’d have to add this small gui above all the player’s heads and change all “OnlyTwentyCharacters” text pieces to the matching player’s names

the cutscene would last like 15 seconds, and includes the players playing /e wave , /e cheer and /e laugh animations and while the camera moves like this

skip to 0:27 till 0:31 to get an idea of what I mean


all the UI included in this are ready for use.

This should give you an overview for what I want. The exact details can be elaborated upon in Direct Messages (so that this post won’t become too long), or if anything is unclear, feel free to ask in the replies.)


The payment is 20k robux including taxes via clothing purchases (so 28k total)

Contact Me

If you’re interested, you can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via
(preferably) Discord: Maxx_J#7549
Twitter: @Maxx_JNM
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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