[CLOSED] Programmer (*Paid Job*)

Can you make a custom system? (disscutable paid)

Scripting Job

About Us

Hi!, Im DapperFOxySWAT, Im going to launch a roleplay game soon, but like you know this need some scripting, the problem here… im a builder, and 3d modeler, but not a programmer.

@dapperfoxyswat - builder, ui designer, 3d modeler.

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

Im looking for a programmer, not complete time only simple tasks like money system for shops and cars (a gui shop, not cars from 0)…a kind of.

Its not a proffesional game, take it into mind, we all start small


Are only tasks, I dont know how much I have to pay, but normally are 100 robux to 2000 robux.

Contact Me

Contact on discord, Erased Account#4842

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

  • List item
    Complete Gui Store (Cars, Items, with DataStore)
    Money system/Currency system

Money system involves datastores and saving what the player buys? I wouldn’t say that is SIMPLE or scripting cars as to script a good car that is pretty complex.


Uh I have to change it, not a car from 0 and you have reason are not simple, i already changed it :slight_smile: