[Closed] Question about Investors

Hello! So I’m making a game called Kep’Cafe. I wanted to ask if I should look for an investor or just try advertising my game over social media. Many cafe’s didn’t buy any and they still are famous.

  • Try finding an investor, it’s worth it.
  • Don’t, it’s not worth your percentages.

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If yes, then how many percentages should I give him? I would like around 15k robux, probably.

Thank you!

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Is your game completed? Or near completion. I dont think any investor will invest on an uncompleted game, I cant tell if its worth it or not without any screenshots

Else if your game is completed then try to advertise on social media if you have a strong fan following. If your game is good enough then a few advertisements wave later your game can get popular. Thats all I can say.


Send the game link or a few screenshots so we can see it.


It really honestly depends on if you already think you have enough robux to advertise without investors, in my opinion. If you think that you wont be successful advertising with what you currently have, then go ahead and get some investors.
Adding on to what @FastAsFlash_Dev said, you dont even need to spend money for your game to get popular.


The famous cafes you’ve seen, they often work there head off to get the money and advertise it. Some do hire investors which they are known with. I gotta say, finding investors is really hard these days & + advertising on social media just don’t work sometimes.

Benefit ways of advertising

  • 1st ways is that probably have a famous YouTuber to get in contact with, let them play your game so the YouTuber can show the game to his/her fans.
  • BUT, the BEST way has to be you working hard to get money and then advertising it yourself.

Hope this helps! :+1:


Do you think your game is unique and different compared to others? Do you think it has potential?

If you’re looking for 15K :robux: , probably give around 20% of game revenue


What? 20%? Personally I think that investors are worthless and nobody should try finding one, but this topic has been discussed a lot on the dev forums already so I don’t want to get into it.

But 20% for 15,000 Robux is a prime example as to why investors are garbage. 15K isn’t that much at all. Giving up 20% of your revenue for it is a bad move.

When I released my first game I scraped together 18K by selling a few limiteds and sucking it up to spend only $20 of my own money. I’ve now made over 2 million Robux from that game, and I didn’t end up having to give 400K of that to some dude who gave me 15K to start with. In DevEx terms, that’s $1,400 out of $7,000 of money that I worked hard for, down the drain to somebody who did nothing but give me a small boost.

@GEILER123456: build up your game on its own. In the vast majority of cases, advertising at all (with or without money from an investor) isn’t a good move. If you absolutely have to advertise, do it smartly and don’t give up a percentage of your revenue for it. Organic growth is the best.


Thank you. But well, how to get players, then? A Youtuber doesn’t want to play a game with 0 players, that would be pretty boring. You can’t just find a game with 0 players like that, it’s pretty much at the bottom of the list when you search for the name.

What I mean is, if the game is evidently not making enough revenue there should at least be revenue for the investor so their robux don’t go to waste.

If it’s a highly successful game like your game turned out like, there shouldn’t be double digits involved.

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@GEILER123456 You can always get players through social media marketing. In my case, I used Reddit but I don’t really recommend it. It worked extremely well for me but I think I got lucky. There are tons of threads on here about how to do that so you can always read up.

@anross I get what you’re saying, but most investors just ask for a percentage of profit until the investment is paid off, plus interest. I don’t think anyone will find an investor with the terms you’re suggesting. Also, if the game doesn’t make any money, you won’t be able to pay off the investor at all, so you’re just cornering yourself unnecessarily by looking for an investor.


Hey there! Maybe you should try experimenting with the social media depending on your following. If that does it work out in a 1-3 month range then look for investors, I’m not sure if investors find this as a bad point, but try where you can and make sure you check everyone’s point. you will see how it works for you. Good luck with your game :). Edit: I believe investors is the last resort, it should never be a first option.