[CLOSED] [R$100k+ or %] Hiring an Experienced Programmer

About me and the Project:

Hiya! I’m Simulation_Studio, an experienced builder and terrain developer for over 5 years and a game developer for Just For Fun™. I’m currently the Project Lead for a brand new game for Just For Fun, named “The Cube.” The core of the game is a competitive-based, old Roblox style obstacle course, with 3 planned difficulties.

The Team
@Simulation_Studio - Project Lead, Builder.
@Nick_hz - Manager
@You - Scripter

Current game progress:

About The Job

We are looking for a passionate and experienced scripter to join “The Cube” development team, we will expect you to have a portfolio of your previous work to be eligible to apply as a possible candidate. As a scripter for the game, some of the tasks you will be given are: (Basic UI creation is a plus, not a necessity.)

  • Core Mechanics (Databases, Voting Systems, Group Teleportation System)
  • Player Leaderboards
  • Reward System
  • Purchase System (Coins)
  • User-Interface Compatibility (Computer, Mobile, Console)

There is no estimated or due date, however, you will be expected to show weekly progress and work at least 4 hours a week.


You have 2 choices for your payment:

1. One-time commission (Negotiable Price)
You’ll be paid 100,000-150,000 R$ once the project and tasks have been completed. You’ll receive a 20% of the final agreed payment as a start-up pay. (If the deal is 100,000 R$, you’ll get 20,000 R$ prior to initiation and 80,000 R$ once you’ve finished all of the tasks.)

2. A lifetime percentage of the game’s revenue
You’ll be hired as a part of our team and receive a lifetime percentage of 42.5% of all of the game’s revenue. This option is long-term and you will be expected to continue developing if necessary after completion of the tasks for game updates. A more in-depth explanation of how the money is transferred to you will be explained if you apply.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via the following:
Twitter: @Triorion_RBLX
Discord: lil’grande#5810


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