[CLOSED]] R15 Shield and Sword Combat System

About Us


The Team
@Kidveggito - Everything besides what’s below
@You - Scripter
@Hopefully you too - UI Configurater
@you again - Animator

About The Job

Proper blocking and countering mechanics, along with stamina. 2-4 animations. More details (a lot more) will be discussed in DMs.


$100 USD paypal


DM me here


100 USD!? That seems overpriced! I will definitely apply if you can do conversion!

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Just the price of it for 100 USD seems very expensive for a weapon combat system.

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In my opinion it also depends on the quality of the system, you should look for a good system not anything

Now I am not talking about all of the developers here, but most scripters or UI designers or animators aren’t all of those 3. Some might be 2 of those, but some, like me, are only one of those. You should put a payment for each of those positions, rather than looking for 1 person to do all 3 of those things. You would attract more people to do your job.

I am inteerested in the UI or the Programmer one,hitting you up soon.


It’s not. If the scripter is making a framework and a very efficient setup its totally worth a 100 USD

To be more specific on the UI part, I am doing the UI buttons, backplates, etc. I just need someone to script them in/configure

How would the sword combat system be?

I’d say the price is pretty fair, if you break it down it’s actually quite a bit of work. Best of wishes to those involved!

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