[CLOSED] R$150,000+ Job For Advanced Scripters

Hey, I am Loddy2403 Co-Founder of ForestlyGames. We are currently looking for an advanced scripter to assist on a large project that we call Project C. Your payment can range from 150k to 250k depending on how the payment is split amongst you and your partner. Yes, you will be working with someone. The game is a massive game that requires you to have a lot of responsibility with your time. We will be using trello to track your progress and will be asking for daily updates for this is also a strict project as well.

About the people you will be working with:

Lxe - He will be your manager. He is extremely organized and is super nice. He is also a professional UI designer/scripter so you can relax on that part of the job. He will give you all the documents you will need to complete your job with us.

PineappleDoge - He is the scripter you will be working with. You guys are being paid from a combined budget of R$ 335,000, and your payment will depend on how much you guys work. The person who works more receives a bigger pay, simple.

You will meet the rest of our amazing team members as soon as you accept our job offer!


We would prefer a scripter that is: Fast and reliable, flexible with free time, and familiar with the game we are inspiring from.

Overall Requirements

  • 1+ years of experience scripting on Roblox.
  • Active (Minimum 1-2 Hours Daily)
  • Good Communication via Discord.

For Scripters:

  • Knowledge of code formatting and standard legibility.
  • Knowledge of and ability to use advanced coding such as: Tweens, CFrame, Datastore, ModuleScripts, Placement Systems, Pathfinding, etc.
  • The ability to work with UX.
  • Experience working with animators, 3D modelers, and other developers of varying specialties.


Project C [Developer Position: Scripting (KNOWLEDGE ON KNIT IS REQUIRED FOR THIS POSITION)]: R$150,000 + Slots: 0/1

This job requires a lot of discipline and time management. If you can not manage your time please do not contact us.

Contact Us

Must be 15+ to apply. Must be active on discord

  1. Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/EmBSWVAGyv
  2. Make a ticket from the “hiring-info” channel
  3. You will be given further instructions in a new channel. Make sure to follow the instructions there!
  4. If you’d like to know more about the systems that will need to be created, ask now in your newly created ticket.
  5. Wait for a response! Good luck!

If you are struggling to make a ticket please contact me Loddy#9233

Thanks for reading! :blush:

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