[CLOSED] R$5,000 | Tow Games - Weapons System Scripter


About Us

Hi there! We are Tow Games, a moderately sized development team with 11 staff members with us! We’re looking for an experienced scripter who is willing to script a weapons system for our upcoming game, SCP: Procedures.

The Team
@Towren - Development Lead
@AxolotlFunds - Moderation Lead & Development
@CallmeK1aus - Development
@BaconNoobLovesMemes - Development
@Lukindi - Administrative Lead
@GGidkaname - Moderation
@ZEROO12365 - Moderation
And Many testers

About The Job

We are looking for an advanced scripter to join our team as our weapons programmer. Although I am a very advanced scripter, I have to do everything else in the game too, so I thought I’d get someone to help me out. We expect high quality scripts that are easy to make small changes to. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check in with team progress regularly and want to maintain a high standard for all of our work.

We currently have 14 firearms in our game as of now, and we want it so that it’s the same scripts for all of them, but you can make edits to stats of guns and stuff like that. We also expect it to be non-exploitable, so make it as secure as you possibly can. We’re also wanting no teamkill.


We are paying R$5,000 for the completed scripts, which we will then be able to import into our game without any issues. We will be paying through a shirt since group funds is too much hassle for a hopefully quick job.

Contact Us

Please contact me on my Discord at Towren#7777 so we can discuss more.
You must be 13 years or older to apply, and you must have good knowledge of scripting.


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