[CLOSED] [R$500,000] Large 8000x8000 map


I’m currently looking for a very dedicated map builder for a decent sized project called Knife Royale.

What is Knife Royale?

Knife Royale is the result of mixing PUBG and ‘murder’ games together. Players are put into a large open map and must scavenge buildings to find better knives, armor, medkits, and other useful items. The closing circle forces players to move to the middle of the map and fight it out - last player/team alive wins. Unlike stereotypical murder games, each round lasts from 15-30 minutes. Given the scale, the map must be large enough to accommodate for this.


The BASE map needs to be done in 2 weeks. This is very important. You will have an entire month afterwards to polish and focus on filling in spaces; I just need a playable demo map done by 2 weeks that doesn’t look extremely rough. If you need a bigger incentive, I will pay an extra R$150,000 if you get the BASE map done in 1 week. This might seem overkill but this is extremely important.


  • You need to be very experienced. Prepare to show me your portfolio.
  • Map must be very well made. Polishing can be done after if needed, but the base map needs to look nice and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simplicity is key. Don’t stress yourself out by detailing every inch of the map; if a house looks like a house it’s a house.
  • Every single building must have an interior. Keep the interiors less detailed than the exteriors, but don’t leave them all empty.
  • Map must have at least 4 hot-points such as cities. I’ll go more in-depth with this when you contact me.
  • No smooth terrain. This is due to technical limits, you’ll have to just use parts.
  • If the map feels open, it’s not a good thing. Fill in those gaps with something like trees.
  • Add roads!
  • You can re-use assets as long as they don’t mess with the overall style and aesthetic of the map

Everything else will be explained later after you contact me. Just keep these things in mind.


Interested? PM me via. Developer Forums and add me on Discord (Preston#8280) with examples of previous work and why you want to work on this project.



I don’t mean to sound mean but how are you supposed to get such a large task done within a week or so? It’s a lot of money, but I imagine the average person would need about a month at least to do it. It takes me a week just to make a map at the default stud size or so, unless if I rush it which means the quality would be bad. Regardless, I am still currently interested as it is a good amount of money for the map and its size you are offering.

My fault for not clearly explaining the deadlines - you only need to make the base map in 1-2 weeks. Nothing has to be polished or detailed, it just needs to be at least playable and not too rough. I updated the original post to clear any confusion

  1. Map -> Gameplay;
    How is the game currently designed? Are there any forms of movement that the player’s have access to that isn’t mentioned in this breif? (Driving/ziplines/ice picks/boats etc)
  2. Filled Map;
    Is there a specific technology that you guys are using to load in different LOD models for users? Does this need to be considered when creating the map?
  3. BASE map / Polishing later / Not rough now / feels open
    All of this feels a little vague. If its an open world map, how is filling it with trees going to fix it feeling open? Again, if smooth terrain isn’t to be used, is it implied that the map should be made as similair as possible using triangles?

I know some of these may be annoying to ask, but if you’re after builders, they’re probably really handy to know.
Is there any images or places that you’re thinkinng of for reference?


Similar to PUBG, you start w/ everyone else on some sort of vehicle flying over the map. You can choose to jump whenever and land anywhere you like. Since the circle always closes in on the center of the map, the best loot is stationed at the edges of the map - but it’s more risky. By landing near the middle you don’t have to move too much so vehicles aren’t necessary. For the players on the edges, they can pick up speed potions which can be used to move much faster to avoid the circle.

Yes! Insides of houses only render when you’re near them and chunks of the map are culled depending on your location. You don’t need to worry too much about this, I’ll take care of it.

Trees are an example. No reason to spread all the buildings out evenly across the map as it would make it much more boring from a design perspective. And yes, you’ll be using triangles sadly. With the way the server is setup, importing terrain would be too much of a hassle.

PUBG map is the best example I can think of

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