[CLOSED] Realistic Builder for Hire

About Me

Hello! My name is VoidTruss, and I am a Builder. I specialize in realistic games mainly (i.e. Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, etc)


Below are some examples of my work. Please note that some of these builds are either a work in progress, or have been cancelled.

Hotels and Resorts

Cafes and Restaurants

Ship Ports and Airports



I am available for around 4-6 hours a day, but I do have other obligations to other projects that I have going on.


Prices are negotiable for payment. I take both Robux (through T-shirt and group funds) and PayPal. I charge around 10-15k Robux (before tax) or, 75-125 USD as my starting price for small builds. The price will depend on the size, complexity, and detail of the build.


You can contact me here or through the methods below:

Discord: gabe;#0001
Twitter: rbxBlizzok

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say, your builds are very aesthetic and the lighting is amazing on all of your builds. The hotel’s shadows and furniture, cafe’s local lights, and airport’s designs are all very cool. I hope you keep up the great work and I hope you get hired :smiley:

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I’ve just added you on Discord. Am looking to see if you can help get me a good project done!

My discord is…

Added you on discord. ven hates u#4323
Hoping to discuss.