[CLOSED] realistic sign, billboard & poster maker

realistic sign, billboard & poster maker

About the job

I’m currently working on a realistic Japanese neon city type game and need someone to design the graphics for billboards & signs etc

I would really like someone who’s more experienced at making these types of things cause i’m not really the best at it

The game i’m mentioning: HomeStore - Outfit Combo (Catalog Clothing Shop) - Roblox

Example of the assets






Depending on the quality i’ll pay more, prices are negotiable just show me some of your work first

Contact me

You can contact me via Discord: veo#0001 (dms are open)

Thanks for your time :3

Any idea of a price range that you’re willing to go up to or start with? Not including that in my opinion is very discouraging, since I don’t know what I’m working with.

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It honestly depends on the quality but i’ll work with any price range

That sounds very strange. Just put a range on there. “Any range” can be different in many different people’s opinions.

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