[CLOSED] Rebirthed Games | Hiring Modeller

Rebirthed games is looking for an experienced modeller with 1+ year of experiences.

What we expect:

We expect you to show us your portfolio, if not shown you won’t be accepted to having this job. You need to spend 3-5 hours on this project a day, have confidence in your self and be 13+ years old.

What we are asking for from you:

7 pets for each egg
3 eggs in the main spawn
1 egg in each world
In total, 42 eggs
28 weights

** The Team:**
Owner/Builder - @0Noonz/@RebirthedGames
Co-Owner/Scripter - @UsedTemplate
Community Manager - @Go1_dyy (Me)
Testers - @sleepcalls and @Pluto_Dev


We will be offering 30k - 60k although this is negotiable.

Contact us:

You may join our discord: https://discord.gg/ZxZPs8Tm and contact us that way, message me here on DevForum or contact me on discord:

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