[CLOSED] Rebricked - Hiring 3D Animator

Hello! We at Rebricked are striving to create innovative games on the Roblox platform with lively worlds. Of course, to make such alive environments, we’ll need an animator to do that!

Our experience has been mainly working for Roblox on event games, such as the 6th Annual Bloxys, Mountaineers, and Hallows Eve 2018

Rebricked is run by @Awes_3 and I (@WhoToTrus). We both animate using Blender; however, due to the demanding work we’ve been putting ourselves up against, we were attempting to seek an experienced animator. We desire an animator who uses Blender or any other third-party programs, such as Maya or 3DS. Alongside Discord to communicate.

Note - that your animations must be portable to Roblox, we use Roblox plugins to export rigs and import animations from Blender onto Roblox currently.

We need an animator for our current project, Tycoon Hospital! The game consists of many animated objects, primarily machines.

Here are a few examples:

Your work will consist of making animations for:

  • Rigging Characters and objects/models
  • Characters
  • Characters with tools, such as a wrench or broom
  • Characters interacting with objects, such as a vending machine or toilet
  • Object details, such as locks engaging or signs moving

Working with Rebricked will also be an educational service too, as we’ll be working with to help you animate through tips or techniques (involves math too if you like that).

The pay will be workload based with no percentage just direct payment; however, if you prove to be a great fit with our duo team, there’s potential to kick you up to a percentage payout. We can negotiate for set rates, but first, we’ll need to interview you and explore your work.

If you wish to apply, then please private message me here on the devforums @WhoToTrus.
Message me with:

  • Interest working for us
  • Your animation portfolio (Gifs or MP4)
  • Previous projects

WARNING: We do not desire an animator who has only worked in Roblox studio with just using plugin editors, such as the default Roblox editor or Moon Suite.

Thank you!


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