[Closed] recruiting a builder to join our team

About us:
Hi there! We are currently working on a One Piece game and we are searching for a builder to join our team.

About the job:
We are searching for a builder who can build Islands. Details on the island like (houses, bushes, trees, paths, etc.).The game has to be built in parts.

Our game needs around 5 islands by release medium sized you will also get help from the modeler if you need him to model something or any other members of the team :slight_smile:. We have no release date in mind but finishing this around end December or end January would be favorable.

You will be paid by percentage, we will also advertise the game once released.

40% - Programmer
20% - Manager/Sound/UI
20% - 3D Modeler
20% - (you the new builder)

You can contact me on Discord: IceCoffee#8766

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!


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