[CLOSED] RedNose is Looking for a short term Asset maker!

About Us

Hey there! We are a small group called RedNose, Looking to grow in the community. We are working on a very promising game, Called Sophisticated street! An Aesthetically pleasing Asian vibe game. We are currently looking for an Asset maker who can do some tasks that are assigned to them, More in About the Job.

The Team
@OfficialEcotis Builder / UI
@F_d3d - Scripter

The Game is currently on private, Here are some progress images!

Our Build Style

About The Job

We are currently looking for a short term Asset maker, as you have read “About Us”
We want you to do the tasks such as
Realistic models could be made on Blender / Studio at your convenience.

  • Nature Assets such as
    Trees, Plants, Bushes

  • Props like Trash bin, Benches, Street Lights

  • A Bicycle ( We should be able to animate this. )

We are expecting you to complete the assets mentioned above within a week or two. More Information is provided in the conversation.

We are expecting good communication from you, You should be able to complete these tasks without any problems & go through the post again before contacting us.


The payment method is Robux through T-shirt, Gamepass.

Payments & Refrence images

These are the reference images and the style that we are looking for you to make.

These are just references, They don’t have to be exact.
reference images are our placeholder obtained from the toolbox


The leaves are decals, Leafs don’t have to be detailed/realistic.
we are paying around 500-600R$ Per each type of tree.

500R$ Robux

Types of Flower pots
900R$ Robux

Trash can


Contact Us

Please go through the Topic again,
You must be ready with a portfolio, and a link to this topic.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.
You must be able to complete the tasks in a fair amount of time.
You should be available to communicate actively.

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord - Ecotis#2455

Thank you for taking your interest in this position! :grin:


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