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What is Retro’d?

Retro’d is an upcoming diner that wants to use the most interactive cooking, community engagement, and Management experience to satisfy customers and create the best restaurant experience for those that visit. At Retro’d, we are pleased to promote our community and our outstanding staff team. Furthermore, we try and value and treasure every single person that is part of our community.

Who has contributed to our development?
@iucag - Chief Architecture & Environmental Designer
@MxnavFX - Chief Design Officer
@ArchitectualTel - Graphics Designer
@AriiDaCreator - Clothing Designer
@Jupiterc - User Interface Designer
@Noobster2003123 - Modeller

You can see our progress so far here: [PLAY NOW!] Retro'd Diner 🍴 - Roblox

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a professional animator that’s well known in what they do and have experience to execute full game animations for our Diner. We’re looking for something realistic in regards to cooking, grabbing drinks, eating food, etc.

What will I be paid for completing this project?

We are going to be paying ONLY USD for this project. The price will be around 3-5 USD per animation and will be increased depending on the skills you can bring, quality of work, experience and overall working attitude.

How can I contact you if I want to be hired?

You can send me a direct message at @Vachlrawit at the DevForum and if I believe you have what it takes you’ll be added to our Development GC. Or, you can join our discord and message me there!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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