[CLOSED] retrogue || Cyberpunk/sci-fi clothing designer (Portfolio)

Hello, My name is retrogue “Zabloing” Bingus, I’m a relatively new clothing designer (~5 months), a college student and a videogame enthusiast.
I mostly do sci-fi type clothing, but I can do any style, ranging from casual to medieval.
I plan to start learning either modelling or scripting, but its gonna be a while until Ill be able to sell those services.

I’m available for work from monday to friday, but I may not be able to work when I have to prepare for college exams.
A full outfit takes only a few hours for me to do, but I usually only make one per day.

My recent outfits

You can see all outfits ive made so far here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5971442/Clothing#!/about
(may be updated in the future)

I ONLY take payment as USD, money will likely go towards paying off college.
I would prefer getting a long-term partnership with a dev team, but I do commissions too.
I take minimum 10$ (lower if something basic) per outfit, the rest is quality assurance and tips.

You can add me on Discord @ retrogue#8978
Or message me on forums

Feedback is always appreciated!


Really nice clothing design. Looks really clean. Keep up the good work.

You Should Hire @retrogve His Works are awesome Keep up the great work

@SpiralRBX Happy B-Day to you

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Nice work love the way it looks!

Wow, these are really nice. Your drawing is very nice and I could NEVER be able to do anything like this. Something that I see with a lot of designers that design similar to you is they use a lot of shading and highlights where as it almost looks…real. So if your looking for a challenge to help you improve I suggest practicing shading!! Your shading is already SO good, I’m just giving suggestions. Your really talented, honestly…never stop designing tehe your really good. :smiley:

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