[Closed] RetroTime10 | Intermediate Scripter & Beginner Builder

So, About Me

G’day :smile:, my name is RetroTime10, I’ve been developing for around 2 years now, and I focus in scripting but I also do some building on the side. Other than that, I’ve been on Roblox since 2014/2015 and have been active for the better most of that :+1: .

Some of my stuff

In scripting here are some of my accomplishments:
I have helped out on the game Don’t Flip the Switch (It has 2 Million Visits)
Made an Enemy Pathfinding System (Still in Beta)

Implemented DataStore2 and DataStore in test games
NPC Animated Talking (As in Dialog)
Key Activated Doors
Animations OnKeyPressed (Punching)
Loading Screens

Basic Movement like Sprinting and Double jumps
User Input Service
GUI Tweening
Levelling System

Customisation (Select an item, click where you want the item)
and I have done other things in practice, some of which can be seen here:

Some Builds I've Done (Basic)


When I’m available

I am available for most of the week and weekends; My timezone is NZT so, y’know, there’s that.


I accept payment upfront in :robux: and sometimes in percentage if I see potential in the project.
I am willing to negotiate payments.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum


Pretty nice builds. A little rudimentary but you’ve got potential I’d say.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Updated the Portfolio with some more things I have worked on, namely Don’t Flip the Switch

wow. i might have to take you into my game. really impressed

Updated with examples and added some more skills!