[Closed , Reviewing Applications ] ( $1000+ USD ) ROWGNation is Hiring 2 Advanced Scripters For ZTF

About Us

Hello, We are ROWGNation, the development team behind the up and coming zombie defense game “Zombie Task Force”. We are a small dedicated team of developers creating unique and innovative game experiences on Roblox.

Who you would be working with

The Team
@ROWG_Leader - Project Manager

@LumberUniverseYT - Lead Scripter

@ThomasTrainiac - Scripter

@blingmcqueen - Builder

@Elizwill - Modeler

The Job

We are currently looking to fill 2 positions.

Position 1 : UI Designer and Programmer


  • UI creation and implementation (Shops, gamepasses, badges, and etc)

  • UI special effects and animations

  • Investigate and fix bugs in all game scripts

  • Optimize currently running scripts

  • Manage data stores

  • Programming sound effects

  • Update and monitor Hub System

Position 2: Gameplay Programmer


  • Camera manipulations

  • Assist with AI Pathfinding

  • Scripting Tool Creation and implementation of special effects(Beams,particles, and trails)

  • Weapon implementation

  • Install animations (adjust animation movement)

  • Create dynamic player experience events( cutscenes)

  • Optimize running scripts

  • Assist Lead Programmer


  • 15+ hours a week

  • 2+ years of experience with LUA


  • (8 months of experience with LUA with 2+ years or more of Java,python,C++, and/ or C#).

  • Minimum age is 16 to apply

  • Experience and knowledge of Roblox API

  • Report and communicate progress on a daily basis

  • Update and manage Trello work boards

  • Professional communication

Desired attributes

  • Team Player (work alongside other team members to accomplish goals)

  • Accountable and responsible of work

  • Dependable (able to perform work without supervision and follow ups)

  • Passionate about Game Development

  • Flexible with work requests

  • Willingness to learn ( able to continue learning and developing skills)

  • Creative (Share creative ideas and help develop the project and team)


We generally pay per asset. Price is negotiated before work begins. Complete the task and we pay promptly Via Paypal USD. For Tax and Legal purposes you would be Classified as a general Contractor.

Payment range for EACH tasks are as follows $20 up to $200+ on larger tasks or a combination of tasks.

in Robux that range is 1,700 - 20,000 ROBUX per task.

LongTerm Contractors can expect to make above $1,500 USD + . This is a long term game project.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to Discord: ROWG_Leader#3822 or devforum DM (@ROWG_Leader)

  • A portfolio showing experience

  • Examples of work and GIFs

  • Previous games you have worked on

  • Any references

Please be sure to include your roblox name, Location time zone, and hours of work available

Thanks We look forward to Reviewing Applications!

The Game:

Visit “Zombie Task Force” here: Zombie Task Force - Roblox

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Do you need a UI Designer who’s also a Programmer or a UI Designer and a separate Programmer?

Yes Really hoping to get a scripter who can also help design

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Ah yes, makes sense. I’m a UI designer that leans more into the graphical industry rather than the programming part. Would you be willing to hire UI designers and programmers separately? Given that you’ll be shelling out the same price as you were to hire a programmer who also does design work.

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I have Sent a DM. This should answer Questions Thanks!

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Just wondering… I am under 14, and only take payment in Robux, is there any chance I could volunteer to script the UI’s for experience? I specialize in UI scripting and I’d love to do it! Also, you’re asking for scripters to have 2 years or more of several other coding languages outside of roblox, I don’t see how many can fit those standards.

Responding in Dm’s Thanks for reaching out!

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