[Closed] Rocket Ride Games ~ 3D Modeler

About Us

Hi there! We are Rocket Ride Games, a new upcoming game development team currently developing 2 projects, “Potion Mayhem” and another one which title has yet to be publically said which is coming out fairly soon.

The Current Team
@Da1ex - Programmer/Builder/UI/Animator
@jmahnh2o - Builder
@markis27 - Builder/Animator
@Dronetto - Builder
@KineKreature - Composer

About The Job

Currently, we’re looking for someone who is experienced in 3D modeling as well as texturing for our new project coming out fairly soon! We want someone who can work with set times, has good communication skills and is mature and professional when needed. We will be checking in weekly on progress from each developer and see how much progress they have made towards the development.


I am willing to pay 20-30 USD per asset made, textured and accepted into the game. As well as throwing in a % pay as well after the game’s release, which won’t take over for the USD payment just a little bonus.

Contact Us

Discord ~ Dalex#6491
Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/RocketRideGames OR https://twitter.com/DeveloperDalex
Roblox ~ Da1ex
or on the DevForums

I personally suggest that you contact me via Discord, as I am more active there.

We ended up finding someone, thanks to those who were interested and contact me! :slight_smile:


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