[CLOSED] SamIsAcidic - Experienced Terrain Designer

About Me

Hi there! I’m Sam, I have 3 and a half years of experience with building. I’m currently taking terrain commissions, as that’s where the majority of my skill lies. I have worked done a few commissions in the past, but most of my work is for my own ‘Survivor’ group (Survivor is a reality TV show where contestants travel to various islands/countries and vote other contestants out). I specialise in o

I’m currently taking any sized commission as I am on a break until the end of January. I won’t be able to take any commissions that will drag any further than this month.


Here are some various screenshots of some maps I’ve done terrain work for.

Please note, if you want me to add extra detail such as trees, bushes, rocks or decoration it will cost slightly more. The trees I use are shown in the more recent maps, the older maps use trees with far less detail. All commissions will be built with great detail, upon request.

Mamanuca Islands


Valley of Ice

![VOI4|690x411] (upload://aaYkvJ9MsgkWWcHUBWpm0ZtW4ud.jpeg)


The Hunger Games

Big Brother AU Border Terrain

(Slightly old) Wastelands

(OLD) Arabian Deserts

(OLD) Africa

(OLD) Purple map

Other small islands / Everything else


I am available for 2-3 hours each day, until the end of January.


I will negotiate a price with you depending on the job you need to be done and what you’re willing to pay. The factors that affect payment are the level of detail, the size of what you need, and how long it’s likely to take me. I rarely will take any commissions for less than 5,000 :robux: or $5 USD.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, but preferably over discord by sending me a friend request at:

just sam#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: