[CLOSED] - SCP Foundation - GFX Artist Wanted


Hi there! I’m Quinnicious, or Quinn for short. I’m looking for a GFX artist to help out on a project we are working on at Administrator_Mr’s SCP Foundation. Whilst I cannot disclose specifics to do with the overall project, I can disclose the type of tasks you will be working on, which will be stated below.

About The Job

We’re looking for a professional GFX artist with a strong background in Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent software). Some examples of the type of tasks you will be given are:

  • Creating flat, modern-looking images from scratch.
  • Transforming existing images, such as turning the background transparent or remaking it to a piece of higher quality.
  • Rendering Roblox characters (in Blender or an equivalent piece of software) and modifying such render within a graphical editor as requested.

Good communication skills are a must, and we frequently check in to ensure steady progress is being made.


We pay on a per-task basis. Payment per task will be agreed upon before you accept the task. Payments are offered in Robux.


Interested in the opportunity? Awesome! Please direct message me here on the Developer Forum with a portfolio of any pieces of work you have previously created. I look forward to looking at them!


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