[CLOSED] Scripter, Builder, and UI Designer Portfolio

About Me

Hello, my name is Strikeyless, this is my first portfolio, and first DevForum Topic-Post. I’m a Roblox Developer who specializes in scripting, building, and UI Design
I’ve been a member of Roblox since 2014, and started my developer journey in 2015 as a builder. Later, in 2017 I started learning scripting, and in 2018, UI Design.
My timezone is CST, and I live in America.


1. 16-inch 2019 Apple MacBook Pro
2. 32-inch Samsung monitor (its biggg)


When it comes to building, my favorite genres are the SCP genre, Medieval/Fantasy, and Dystopian/Apocalyptic. I like to be able to let my mind run free with ideas that make my builds unique. A lot of my examples aren’t finished, mainly because I gave up on the project.

SCP Genre

Most recent

Medieval/Fantasy Genre

Most recent medieval build


Miscellaneous/Older stuff

Some weird vaporwave phase I went through

I created the logo in this btw


I’ve been a scripter since 2017 as said above, it’s definitely my favorite of the 3 skills I know regarding Roblox Development, but I’ve never been hired as a scripter before.
I don’t have anything that’s completed, or all that much showable (atm). I know thats not great for a portfolio, but you’ll just need to take me on my word.
I fully believe I can script a whole game, just haven’t gotten around to it.
I’m a big perfectionist when it comes to my code, I like for things to be neat, and I try my best to be un-exploitable.
I’ve worked with DataStores (I prefer DataStore2) and HTTP service too, so yeah, just fyi.

Showcase-UI Design

I’ve been practicing UI design for about 2 years now. It has sparked me to also begin graphic art/drawing. I like UI Design a lot, I enjoy creating logos, icons, and pretty much everything else UI Design lol. I use Adobe Illustrator as the main software when UI Designing. I don’t have a ton of examples though, because again, not much has actually been finished, but here’s what I got atm.



I have a pretty flexible schedule, I’m usually online a couple hours everyday, but it can vary.


Prices are negotiable, I like a one-time full payment though.
I can do Robux and/or PayPal (USD)
I will not do percentages.


My preferred method is through Discord, strikeyless#1417
Or you can contact me on the Developer Forum (I think?)

Thank you for reading! :happy1: